Upgrades and Hop-ups for the Element RC Enduro Trail Truck

Upgrades and Hop-ups for the Element RC Enduro Trail Truck

Since it was first announced, the Element RC Enduro has quickly become a star in the eyes of R/C rock crawling enthusiasts. After exploring the scale and trail scene with their CR12 lineup, Associated Electrics has taken the plunge with their Element RC brand and 1/10-scale Enduro Sendero ready-to-run (RTR) and Enduro Kit.

While this truck is loaded with plenty of performance and appearance details, part of the fun in this hobby is customization. Whether you’re looking for visual tweaks or you want to turn your Enduro trail truck into an all-out performance beast, there are plenty of upgrade items available for this model.

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Scale Body and Chassis Accessories

Tires and Wheels

Chassis and Suspension

Motor and ESC

Steering Servos

LEDs and Lighting

Misc. R/C Crawler and Trail Truck Gear

Where to buy an Element RC Enduro:

If you’ve been on the fence about this radio-controlled rig and want to add it to your collection, here are a few places you can buy one:

Enduro Sendero RTR

Enduro Kit

Enduro Trailwalker RTR

Model image credit: Element RC