Update Your SCX10 with Axial’s 2000 Jeep Cherokee Body

Update Your SCX10 with Axial’s 2000 Jeep Cherokee Body

As the summer months slowly disappear and outdoor R/C fun gets shorter, I start looking for small winter projects that will keep my passion for the hobby stoked. One great way to keep the hobby spirit alive is to upgrade the body of your radio-controlled machine, either though accessories or painting up a new body all-together. If the styling of Axial’s latest SCX10 II has piqued your interest, you can now get that look for your existing SCX10 or SCX10 II model.

The 2000 Jeep Cherokee Body (#AX31337) from Axial is a feature-packed option for refreshing your trail rig. The body itself is made of  .040″ clear polycarbonate, making it durable for off-road excursions and also forgiving for new drivers. As with other body upgrade kits, this set includes an officially licensed decal sheet and window masks to help you create your scale automotive masterpiece.

Axial Jeep Cherokee Body Set

Where this specific body set differs from other options are the added accessories that are included. The Axial SCX10 II kit and RTR bodies both feature a molded front grille with preset light buckets and ports for LED lighting. This body upgrade also offers those same touches, along with molded side mirrors, rock sliders, door handles, and light lenses.

This new body set will fit any rig in Axial’s SCX10 and SCX10 II lineup, so there’s a wide-array of trail-ready vehicles that can easily be given a fresh, updated look. With a price of $50.00, this is another fun body-style option to help you cap off your scale radio-controlled vehicle.

Axial Jeep Cherokee Body Rear

In addition to the body kit, Axial is also offering the molded exterior details as a stand-alone upgrade item (#AX31389) for $22.00. Learn more about either of these new body upgrade options at axialracing.com.

Image credit: Axial