How you can turn your RTR Axial Yeti into a real beast!

How you can turn your RTR Axial Yeti into a real beast!

Whether you’ve recently picked up an Axial Yeti RTR, or you’ve had one for a while, you’ve probably discovered that these are fun machines to drive.  As with any ready-to-run vehicle, there are a number of updates and upgrades that you can do to make it look, and perform, better than ever.  Here are just a few examples of what some folks have done to modify their already-beastly machines.

The RC Network’s Hopped-up Yeti

Rich from The RC Network details the upgrades that he has done to his Axial Yeti RTR.

RCOverload’s [email protected]$$ Yeti

We’ve highlighted RCOverload’s Yeti upgrades, and he’s done another update since then, adding a Werty Made front bumper to his already-amazing rig.

RYANsTOYS rad, red, Yeti

Ryan of RYANsTOYS has a 5-part series (to-date) where he displays his Axial Yeti upgrades.  Here is the latest entry in that series.


These videos and supporting series should help you get ideas flowing if you’re looking to turn your Yeti into a real monster of a machine.

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