Have you seen the Yeti?

Have you seen the Yeti?

Hot off the heels of their (from the looks of it) very-successful, very fun, Axialfest 2014, Axial dropped a teaser of a new product that they’ll be releasing soon. The Yeti (AX90026), a rock-racer that’s a bit of a mix of…well, I’m not sure what it’s a mix of. It looks to be a new branch in the Axial lineup, rather than a variation of an already-established brand. Axial posted a teaser of their new rig on their blog. Badger (over on RCCrawler.com), has seen the Yeti in action. Lucky guy.

With not much being officially released about this model, the exclusive review that Badger posted looks, well, fun. It can handle big-air jumps, obstacles, and everything else you’d expect a rock-racer to come in contact with. Pricing looks to be just under $430 (Tower Hobbies has a pre-order price of $429.99).  A little pricey, but it looks like that cost will be well worth it in the amount of fun you can have with this machine.

As more information becomes available, I’ll post it here.

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Photo credit: AxialRacing.com