LHS, ESC, and LiPo: Deciphering the lingo of the R/C World

Since getting settled into my new hobby of remote-controlled cars, I’ve encountered more acronyms in the past few weeks than I have in eight years of working for a bank.  And believe me, banks like their acronyms.  Here’s a guide that will help you decipher the lingo of the R/C world.

  • LHS – Local Hobby Shop/Local Hobby Store
  • ESC – Electronic Speed Control. This is a critical piece to your vehicle, controlling the output of the motor as well as other tasks.
  • RTR – Ready-To-Race. Everything you need to start driving is in the box; vehicle, battery, charger, and radio.
  • LiPoLithium-ion Polymer Battery. This battery provides the largest amount of power to your motor and is best-used by experienced drivers.
  • NiMh – Nickel-metal Hydride Battery. This is the type of battery that is included with most RTR setups.
  • Bashing – running your vehicle without rules or regulations. Jumping it off of large objects and obstacles, and pretty much beating the stuffing out of your R/C.
  • Brushless A type of motor that doesn’t contain brushes and can create more power.

These are good terms and acronyms to know and we’ll be adding more to the list as we dig deeper into this hobby.