Hitting the trail with Topcad’s Piggyback Shocks (Axial SCX10)

Hitting the trail with Topcad’s Piggyback Shocks (Axial SCX10)

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Hi guys well I have had plenty of runs on these shocks so here is my in-depth review.  To start off they are very well packaged and presented in a nice little box with foam between each component.

Next, to the shocks themselves, I must say I am amazed at the quality of these shocks the aluminium quality is simply epic they are strong but light the way they have been machined is great they have a high-class finish on them and they are full aluminium including the rod ends and the balls themselves are brass and are a really nice fit with no play but no binding.

Upon fitting the shock to my SCX10 i found them to be a nice fit and all the hardware that was needed was included but the shocks don’t have any oil in them. I filled the shocks with 35wt oil in the front and rear then put them on the car once fitted I found them to be really smooth and a nice fit i did have to put a 1mm spacer between the balls on the axle i.e. (between the link ball and the shock ball) but once i had done this they butted up nice and snug onto the axle housing.

I’ve taken the rig out 5 times since fitting these shocks and they are one of the best sets of shocks i have ever fitted to my rig the springs aren’t to hard or to soft and they seem to be bedding in really well, they have great articulation as you can see from the pictures and they are still nice and smooth.

So to round-up I strongly recommend these shocks (Topcad’s Axial SCX10 Piggyback Shocks) as an upgrade to your SCX10 you will not be let down with them they run smooth and free they have great articulation and the o-ring are good so you will not get any leeks providing you build them properly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys and gals please share with friends and i hope you all have a great Christmas and new year.



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Photo credit: Matthew Horsley