Project Preview: The BatBomber

By: Tim Gluth

My initial plan for the Axial RR10 Bomber was to keep it stock, simple, and straightforward. It would be a basher, a trail rig, a "grab and go" machine that I could reach for whenever I wanted to get in a little "wheel time".  That plan was in place for...maybe a week after I bought it.  The more I drove that vehicle, the more I began to appreciate it, what it could do, and what I felt it was ultimately capable of. On one of those drives, a theme popped into my head, and I wasn't able to shake it, no matter how hard I drove, or how much I tried to steer myself back to my original plan.  I had gone too far and I had seen the sign.


Having been on a recent Batman/The Dark Knight kick, I am slowly shifting my RR10 Bomber into a Batman-themed vehicle. While my final vision isn't in place, I do have a general look that I'm hoping to achieve, and one stock area of this vehicle that needed to be changed to achieve that look was the shocks. While I have run Pro-Line PowerStroke shocks on other radio-controlled trucks and rigs in the past, the edgier, more aggressive/gothic look of this BatBomber required a different feel. While looking at my options, I kept coming back to Boom Racing's Boomerang shock lineup.

While Boom Racing has gained an increased following over the last year (in part by becoming an official sponsor of the RECON G6 series, I have only had minimal experience with their upgrade parts. For this project, the Boomerang Type E (external spring) and Boomerang Type I (internal spring) shocks appear to fit the bill. With a variety of colors available, I found one that is a perfect match for this build (gunmetal).

Having only just installed these shocks, making a few indoor test drives, and discovering I have a little work to do on the rear-end setup, there isn't much that I can say about these shocks except that I am very pleased by the fit and finish and overall build quality. I took a few moments to expand on these thoughts in an overview video (below).

The overall BatBomber build will be a process, and one that I am not going to rush into. While I want to keep the vehicle nimble and still "basher friendly", I want to give some attention to the details and components that are going to go into it. As the project moves along, I will share the steps and thoughts that are going into each area of this machine, leading up the finished piece.

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