Detail Your R/C Dragster with New Decals from SOR RC Products

Detail Your R/C Dragster with New Decals from SOR RC Products

If you’re building an R/C dragster or putting the finishing touches on your customized ready-to-run (RTR) strip scorcher, SOR RC Products has released a few new decal options to help you get your look dialed in.

For old-school muscle cars of any make or model, they’ve created QuickStripes, a decal set that will let you throw down racing stripes on the hood, roof, and trunk of your radio-controlled dragster. The stripes are available in six different colors (red/green/silver/black/white/orange) and offer two finishes (glossy/matte).

SOR RC Products Drag Racing Quickstripes

For a Mopar-themed machine, the QuickStripes Billboard Decal set has been developed, giving your Pro-Line Barracuda or the stock Team Associated DR10 body a more realistic look. These decals are available in three styles (Hemi/Hellcat/Demon) and four colors (black/white/green/red).

Finally, if you’ve got a Pro-Line Chevy Nova body sitting atop your dragster, you can finish off your street eliminator build with SOR’s Eliminator Window Decals. Available in three finishes (clear/tint/chrome) these are designed to match the window shape of Pro-Line’s Chevrolet Nova dragster body, no matter if it’s the standard clear model or the all-black, “Tough Color” lid.

SOR RC Products Drag Racing Pro-Line Nova Window Decals

SOR RC Products R/C Dragster Decals:

With a combination of creativity, paint, and patience, these decal sets should do wonders to help you cap off the appearance of your R/C dragster. To learn about these and other R/C decal sets from SOR, visit

Image credit: SOR RC Products