Articles by Josh Howard

Fixing On-road R/C Racing

I know we mostly talk about bashing and practical "daily driving" of our toys here, but there's been something that's been bugging me for ages: on-road racing. My love for it cannot be put into words. When you get your car dialed in on a nice surface, it's just sublime. What I don't love is […]

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Great (and not so great) Expectations

There is a problem that exists in the radio control community. No, it isn't shoddy quality or even toys that don't work(though that does happen from time to time). The problem that I'm speaking of is expectations. Often, we purchase our vehicles with intent to use them for one thing and use them for another. […]

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Reviewing the Pagani Huayra from Redcat Racing

Well hello! It sure has been a while. I think it is safe to say that life happens. For me, it was home improvements since the last time I've written here. One big improvement was widening the driveway and walkway to the front door. Using brick, we did quite a bit to make our house […]

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Bashing an Onroad Car - A Word of Caution

Bashing an onroad car can be just as fun as an offroad truck. However, a basher needs to be a lot more picky about chassis selection than, let's say, a stock class carpet racer. This may seem weird, but allow me to explain with a few points to look out for before you sink money […]

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Epic Touring Sedan Test of 2013 - An Intro

As many of you have learned via the podcast, we have some exciting things happening in the coming weeks and months regarding onroad cars. I have invested in several onroad RTR or ARR (almost ready-to-run) sedans with the intention of giving you, the readers, some of the most comprehensive knowledge to date on them. While […]

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