Great (and not so great) Expectations

Great (and not so great) Expectations

There is a problem that exists in the radio control community. No, it isn’t shoddy quality or even toys that don’t work(though that does happen from time to time). The problem that I’m speaking of is expectations.

Often, we purchase our vehicles with intent to use them for one thing and use them for another. Or, we buy low and expect too much. Everyone wants the best product they can get for their budget… not just radio control fiends such as those of us as RC Newb. What we should do more of is re-evaluate our expectations more often. An $80 dollar radio control vehicle COULD be as good as one that’s $200. But, how often does that happen and how likely is that? It all comes down to care and use. I’ve been in this hobby for quite some time and have seen people overspend with the expectation that things won’t break or that they never have to replace parts. I’ve known people that were incredibly disappointed because they wanted to save 5-10 dollars on a kit. When it comes to critiquing harshly, remember that this is ultimately a hobby. We’re supposed to be having fun. Much of that is lost with high dollar rigs the same way it is with expensive sports cars. The percentage of people who can get the most out of them is very, very low.

If I’m giving advice, I always tell people to write down what their needs are. Make a second column afterwards of wants. Visit an online community(which you must because you’re here). Ultimately, you have to spend within your budget.

It’s better to have fun with something small than be disappointed with an expensive 1:5 scale, dirty boat anchor. Heck, there’s a reason most kids start out with New Bright, Nikko, and Jada radio control… they have to start somewhere. Just don’t expect them to do all the same things a “hobby-grade” radio control vehicle will do. Until next time, keep it shiny side up.

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