A Pre-Holiday Tease: Are We Witnessing the Return of Axial's SMT10 Monster Truck?

By: Tim Gluth

Oh, the weather's too cold for me to be wheeling any of my R/C machines, so what better way to while away the time until the Christmas holiday than surfing social media channels in search of new goodies. A post on Axial's Instagram page made me stop and stare for more than a few moments, as it appears that we've got yet another pre-release tease on our hands.

Fresh off of Redcat Racing's brilliantly-played GEN8 AXE Edition release, Axial is hinting at something new, possibly the return of their SMT10 monster truck. The first photo to be posted on this topic features a pair of tire tracks in the dirt. While typically not a big deal, these tire tracks feature the distinct "V" shape of a monster truck tire.

That post was followed up by another pic (and more teasing). While not as cryptic as the first post, this image still leaves plenty to the imagination. Based on the size of the chassis under the cover, this has to point to some sort of monster truck release. What type of release, however, remains to be seen.

Although discontinued, Axial's SMT10 platform holds a dear place in the hearts of many R/C enthusiasts, especially those who have a passion for detailed, high-performing monster trucks. This might signal a return of this platform, either in ready-to-run (RTR) or kit form (or both), but that remains to be seen.

To stay on top of these teases and find out what new breadcrumbs are dropped on the trail, be sure to check out Axial's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Image credit: Axial

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