What drew you into the hobby?

What drew you into the hobby?

Such a simple question. We know how Josh got his start with the hobby and I’ve mentioned (on more than one occasion) how I found myself immersed in radio-control addiction. Now let’s turn the tables a bit. Why did you get into the hobby or into r/c cars in general?

Is it the speed and performance of nitro and other high-end buggies and short-course trucks? Are you a constant tinkerer, making endless modifications and enhancements to your machine, improving and evolving it on a weekly basis? Or do you love the ultra-realistic look that comes from a fine-crafted scaler? Knowing how we encountered our love for these amazing machines is great nostalgia, but learning where others got the “bug” from is even more interesting.

What’s your story? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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