My Story

By: Josh Howard

Here's the story of how I got into rc cars and Losi Street Weapons. It all started shortly before I turned 13. There was a place at my Dad's home that had a track nearby, and it always seemed really cool. There was a lot of dirt for jumps and a concrete oval where the Nascar guys ran. A few times, I took my Radio Shack radio control. It wasn't much fun.

One Day we were in a Hobbytown USA and there were two used racing buggies. I asked my Dad what he thought. He thought they were pretty neat and asked if I wanted them for my birthday. Sure enough, he bought them both for me. I ran those things into the ground that summer. And, the next year started to modify them for onroad use without regard for the lack of pavement around my home. Flash forward 10 years. A guy at work has an older touring car that he brought to test out here at work. This was somewhat unusual even though I work designing rc cars. When I saw it was a Team Losi Street Weapon, I flashed quickly back to when I was a kid looking at RC Car Action Magazines that first year of professional RC ownership. For a large sum, $175, I got a controller, a battery, and the car. I was pleased as could be. And then the belts tore from their age. I learned quickly why Losi had discontinued the model. It took FOREVER to service. The belts tended to dry rot if not used. And, the touring car was a tank by today's standards.

After much searching online, I contacted a belt maker and began producing rear belts that didn't explode when I looked at them wrong. I also started practicing everywhere I could. No surface was off limits. Forgetting about the size and weight inadequacies, I entered into my first race night... All I have to say is TRACTION ROLL!

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