Upgrades and Hop-ups for the Team Associated DR10

By: Tim Gluth

Customize and tune your radio-controlled dragster with help from this list of upgrades.

No prep R/C drag racing is one of the hottest forms of radio-controlled motorsport. What began as converting buggies and short course trucks into straight-line dragsters has quickly grown to included purpose-built ready-to-run (RTR) models and kits from some of the biggest brands in the hobby.

One of the first brands to jump on this RTR and kit craze was Team Associated with its DR10 dragster. This model offers the ability to get your R/C drag racing fix in one convenient package. With early-70s muscle car styling and plenty of power under the hood, the DR10 has become a popular option for radio-controlled drag racing enthusiasts.

As with any area of the hobby, modifying and customizing your machine to make it perform or look better is all part of the game. To that end, here are some of the many upgrades and hop-up options available for the Team Associated DR10.


There are plenty of options when it comes to updating the appearance of your DR10 dragster. Whether you're replacing the lid on an RTR or need to pick a body for your kit build, there's no shortage of possibilities.

Body Details and Decals

Make your R/C dragster one-of-a-kind with these body and graphics upgrades.

Chassis & Suspension

In its stock form, the DR10 is an impressive machine. That said, here are parts to help you tune and tweak your chassis for even greater performance.

Wheels & Tires

Traction on launch is crucial in any form of motorsport. When it comes to R/C drag racing, that aspect of the game can make or break your race. Here are some options for upgrading your DR10's tires and wheels.

Model image credit: Team Associated

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