Turn up the Torque with the Triple7 Servo from REEF’S R/C

Turn up the Torque with the Triple7 Servo from REEF’S R/C

Does your radio-controlled trail rig lack in steering power? If you want to give it a major overhaul, check out the latest release from REEF’S RC, the Triple7 14v Steering Servo. Based on the specs, “total insanity” doesn’t begin to describe how much raw power this servo is capable of putting out.

Rather than drawing power from your trail rig’s ESC, the Triple7 relies on a dedicated battery to provide its juice. While it requires a 10v – 14v LiPo battery, this servo makes the most of that power with impressive speed and torque specs.

Reefs RC Triple7 Crawler Servo 3

On the topic of torque, the Triple7 is rated at 666oz @11.1v/ 700oz @12.0v/ 777oz @14v with equally-impressive numbers when it comes to speed: .10sec @11.1v/.09sec @12.0v/.08sec @14v. While having that much raw power is a great feature, this servo has another trick up its sleeve in that it can be tuned and adjusted via the REEF’S Link.

This USB connector, when combined with free, downloadable REEF’S software, allows you to tune the output power, servo angle, sensitivity, and more.

Reefs RC Triple7 Crawler Servo 2

Other highlights of the Triple7 include 7-point seal waterproofing, a durable aluminum case, and internal steel gears.

Priced at $147.77, the Triple7 14v servo will be available directly from REEF’S RC and their dealers. Visit reefsrc.com to learn more about this high-powered R/C crawler servo.

Image credit: REEF’S RC