Traxxas UDR Upgrades from Exclusive R/C

Traxxas UDR Upgrades from Exclusive R/C

“The Scale King” has been hard at work, crafting new upgrades and accessories for a variety of popular R/C vehicles. The latest machine to receive some attention is the ultra-realistic Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer.

While the Traxxas UDR is a stunning machine in stock configuration, these new accessories and upgrade parts can take its level of realism to the next level.


Starting with the fine details, Exclusive R/C has released hood pins, hood latches, and a realistic exhaust port to amp up the scale appearance of the UDR’s body.

For added fun in low-light driving, they’ve developed a rear light bar for improved vehicle visibility and 1:1 realism.

The performance side of this truck hasn’t been overlooked either, as Exclusive R/C has designed new rear trailing arms for improved durability. Also, a new shock bypass accessory has been introduced, bringing greater detail to the chassis-side of this truck.

Exclusive RC Traxxas UDR Trailing Arms

And rounding out the list of accessories is an interior kit which features a shifter assembly, an assortment of dashboard switches, knobs and hoses.

Exclusive R/C Traxxas UDR Add-on Accessories:

Visit for complete details on all of these accessories for the Traxxas UDR.

Image credit: Exclusive R/C