Traxxas ProGraphix Polycarbonate Body Paint

Traxxas ProGraphix Polycarbonate Body Paint

Traxxas is getting into the paint game with the release of its ProGraphix Polycarbonate R/C Body Paint. This new aerosol spray paint lineup includes over twenty colors, each with its own distinct visual style.

The ProGraphix paint lineup features standard, metallic, fluorescent, and specialty colors, including a black acrylic chrome backer to help you get the richest color possible on your next custom R/C project.

Traxxas has formulated its new paint to resist the impacts of nitro fuel, making it an option for all types of radio-controlled vehicles. Other features of Traxxas ProGraphix paint include fast-drying action, an ultra-fine spray, and a clog-resistant nozzle. If you have a smaller project, the 5oz/150mL can should do the trick, but if you have a larger body or a fleet of vehicles to customize, Traxxas has a 13.5oz/400mL can for those types of projects.

Traxxas ProGraphix Polycarbonate Paint Color Options:

  • Standard
    • MAXX Orange
    • Racing Green
    • Summit Yellow
    • Brilliant Blue
    • Black
    • Race Red
    • White
  • Metallic
    • Candy Magenta
    • Metallic Silver
    • Metallic Blue
    • Metallic Black
  • Fluorescent
    • Fluorescent Orange
    • Fluorescent Green
    • Fluorescent Yellow
    • Fluorescent Blue
    • Fluorescent Pink
    • Fluorescent Purple
    • Fluorescent Red
  • Specialty
    • Mirror Chrome
    • Clear Matte Finish
    • Pro Scale Tint
    • Transparent Metal Flake
    • Transparent Metallic Frost
    • Black Acrylic Chrome Backer

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Image credit: Traxxas