Teaser Alert: Carisma Scale Adventure Wants You to “Get Ready”

Teaser Alert: Carisma Scale Adventure Wants You to “Get Ready”

I’ve seen R/C brands hype upcoming releases in any number of ways. Some are sneaky with their messaging, giving you small breadcrumbs of information with each new message. Others are vague, almost to the point of excruciation. Either way, I’m always thrilled by the prospect of something new in the hobby, so I’ll take a teaser any way it’s delivered.

Carisma Scale Adventure has taken to its Facebook page to announce something new coming “very, very soon”. If memory serves, their last teaser revolved around their refreshed website, and while I know the main Carisma RC website is in the process of an overhaul, that leaves something else to be released for their scale R/C brand.

The question remains…what could it be? Carisma Scale Adventure recently announced a new rig for their 1/24-scale lineup,  a Suzuki Jimny-bodied MSA-1E. Perhaps the announcement will revolve around a 1/10-scale model? Or maybe, they’re going to refresh their SCA-1E lineup with a few modern (if not “trendy”) touches of included inner fenders, portal axles, or even a brushless motor setup.

Whatever it may be, I know my interest has been piqued, and I’ll be checking their Facebook page daily to see what the new release is. To stay up-to-date yourself, be sure to like and follow the Carisma Scale Adventure Facebook page for their latest updates.

Image credit: Carisma Scale Adventure