Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 Re-release Unboxing & Builds

Tamiya Blackfoot 2016 Re-release Unboxing & Builds

Through my travels in the R/C hobby, in both recent years and in my youth, certain models have stuck with me and have made lasting impressions to my memory. While the first radio-controlled (technically remote-controlled) car of mine (that I can remember) was a New Bright Corvette, the vehicle that associate with the hobby the most is the Tamiya Blackfoot.

Whether it is the yellow wheels, black body, eye-catching red decals, the entire package is seared into my mind as “THE” definition of R/C. With the announcement that this model has been re-released by Tamiya, I’ve earmarked this model as a must-have for my personal collection.

Rich from 2RCProductions and I spent time during episode 37 of the RC Newb Podcast discussing this specific model, and I discovered that it also holds a special place in Rich’s heart (and mind) as well. Until I place an order for my own 2016 Tamiya Blackfoot kit, I’ve been enjoying reading, watching, and listening to Rich and other hobbyists share their experiences with this classic model. Hopefully they’re able to tide you over until your own order shows up on your doorstep or local hobby shop!

Rich from 2RCProductions details his 2016 Tamiya Blackfoot unboxing.

RCUniverse unboxes his Tamiya Blackfoot re-release model

RCUniverse steps through the build process of the re-released Tamiya Blackfoot (with original model comparisons)

An action/running video of a completed Tamiya 2016 Blackfoot kit

Image credit: 2RCProductions