Super Scale: GCM Racing Dives into the Details of R/C Building

Super Scale: GCM Racing Dives into the Details of R/C Building

Getting into the deep-end of scale realism with GCM Racing’s ScaleTalk YouTube series

I can safely say that I’ve found a home and an appreciation for the realism and fine-detail aspect of “scale” R/C vehicles. Of course, 99.9% of the radio-controlled vehicles that are on the market today are scale in overall size, but most of them stop there. A few may include some small details and visual cues from their 1:1 counterparts, but it’s rare to find machines that have a large number of intricate details built into them right from the factory.

That’s not to say that some manufacturers (such as Axial, Vaterra RC, RC4WD, and Carisma) aren’t getting the hint that scale-realism R/C is a big thing. And if your rig doesn’t come from the mothership tricked-out with scale goodies, you can always find places (, to buy them or make your own.

If scale is where it’s at for you, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t been checking out the amazing videos from the guys at GCM Racing. Not only do they put out amazing R/C parts and components themselves, they do a stellar job highlighting other individuals that share the love for ultra-realistic radio-controlled models. I’ve been a fan of their rig review videos and have recently began watching their ScaleTalk series. Seeing the various models roll across their table and the thought and concepts that have been put behind and into them are great ways to get your own imagination jump-started.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a small sampling of their most-recent shows (and a few of my favorites).

Check out the GCM Racing YouTube channel if realistic, scale R/C is your passion. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Image credit: GCM Racing YouTube video.