Spektrum Announces the DX5 Pro 2021 5-Channel Radio System

Spektrum Announces the DX5 Pro 2021 5-Channel Radio System

Upgrading the radio system on any R/C model, whether it’s a ready-to-run (RTR) or kit build, is a good enhancement to consider. In some cases, you may have a transmitter that offers limited features or doesn’t feel comfortable in your hand. It’s also important to not overlook the tech aspect of these radios. Is our signal as strong as it could be? Are you getting maximum range for your R/C application?

If you’re looking for a radio to upgrade to, or simply want a newer system, Horizon Hobby and Spektrum have released their latest pistol-grip-style, surface radio, the DX5 Pro 2021. This latest addition to the DX5 lineup features a number of technological enhancements to give you the best driving experience possible.

With performance in mind, the DX5 Pro 2021 boasts a 5.5ms frame rate (when paired with compatible receivers) and features an upgraded radio frequency module for stronger signal and output.

Another feature that’s been applied to this radio is its out-of-the-box compatibility with Smart Technology. If you’re planning to run this radio system with Spektrum’s other Smart products, you’ll have instant access to additional details and settings.

Other highlights of the DX5 Pro 2021 include model memory for 250 vehicles, built-in telemetry, advanced programming features and more. The Spektrum DX5 Pro 2021 is priced at $239.99 for the transmitter-only option and 299.99 when paired with a SR2100 reciever.

To learn more about this surface R/C radio system, visit horizonhobby.com.

Image credit: Horizon Hobby