Something new to start 2013

With close to a year under my belt in this hobby, I decided to search out another vehicle that I could tinker with during the winter months and, more-importantly, drive indoors without knocking down a wall. My search was wrapped up quickly when I snagged an ECX Smash for a great price on eBay. If you're not familiar with ECX, they're an exclusive of Horizon Hobbies and make entry-level vehicles that appear to be quite durable and if you're not familiar with the Smash, here's a promo video to help you get acquainted.


The small size (1/18th scale) is a big draw for me as it should be perfect for ripping around my basement and even going outside with it. Though it runs on AA batteries, it can be given more power, which is one of the first upgrades that I have planned. Anyone have any experience with the Smash, ECX, or other small-scale r/c vehicles?