See the Carisma SCA-1E Coyote RTR in Action [Video]

See the Carisma SCA-1E Coyote RTR in Action [Video]

If you’ve been paying attention to the “R/C scaler” side of the hobby lately, you know it’s become a popular place for both hobbyists, and brands, to hang out in. In the blink of an eye, the number of 1/10-scale trail rig models has almost doubled. While Traxxas, HPI, and Redcat Racing have been getting most of the attention, the recent announcement(s) from Carisma Scale Adventure are yet another reason to get excited about this aspect of the hobby.

The SCA-1E Coyote ready-to-run (RTR) rig ($300.00) made a big splash online and in the “real world” thanks to a second place finish at at the recent RECON G6 “The Fix” endurance event. If you’ve been wondering how this “new kid on the block” looks when tackling the trail and braving the elements, then you have to see this video of the SCA-1E Coyote in action:

In short, this is an impressive “first run” from a company who’s known for producing beautiful, performance-minded, on-road radio-controlled cars and buggies. As you may have noticed in the video, a second edition of the Coyote, a kit, will be coming down the trail soon, and one can only imagine what it will be capable of.

Learn more about the Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E Coyote.

Image credit: Carisma Scale Adventure