ScalerFab Launches a Scale Accessory Trade-In Program

ScalerFab Launches a Scale Accessory Trade-In Program

Personal tastes can change direction like the wind. One minute we want one thing, the next minute, we may want the opposite. This change works its way into our every day lives and especially our hobbies.

What do you do when you want to change up your personal tech? Why, you trade up. Scale R/C accessory manufacturer, ScalerFab, has introduced a way for hobbyists and builders to trade in old ScalerFab gear for credit to be used toward new trail armor.

How the ScalerFab Trade-In Program Works

This trade-in program only applies to pre-owned ScalerFab gear, however, the gear can be in any condition and could have been purchased at any time.

Learn more about this unique, new program at

Image credit: ScalerFab

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