Ruddog 5-Slot Brushed Crawler Motors

Ruddog 5-Slot Brushed Crawler Motors

Ruddog has released a series of 5-slot, brushed motors for R/C crawlers and scale trail vehicles. This lineup of brushed crawler motors is a great option for those hobbyists who are building kits or upgrading the power on their ready-to-run (RTR) rigs.

Featuring a dual-bearing design and adjustable timing, this motor is a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for smooth power from your radio-controlled trail truck. The lead wires have bullet connectors that allow for easy installation and swapping of powerplants.

There are multiple motor configurations available, ranging from 13T to 55T (13T, 16T, 20T, 35T, 45T, and 55T). Whether you’re building your crawler for low-end or top-end performance, you should find a suitable option from this lineup.

Priced around $25.99 per motor, these motors should be an easy-install option for any kit or RTR upgrade. To learn more about these 5-slot brushed crawler motors, visit

Image credit: Ruddog