Redcat Racing GEN8 International Scout Highlights & Pricing Details

By: Tim Gluth

A little more than a year ago, Redcat Racing released their first "true" scale R/C model, the Everest GEN7. This low-cost, high-performance trail truck quickly gained fans (myself included) and served as a showcase of Redcat Racing's design progression. A year later, Redcat Racing has folks revved up yet again with their next-generation rock and trail machine, the GEN8 International Scout II.

This new model is more than a simple touch-up to the GEN7. It's a complete overhaul. A ground-up redesign of the entire truck with a select amount of parts carried over from the previous model. While the GEN7 utilized a selection of third-party designs, namely the chassis frame, the GEN8 is a true Redcat Racing creation.


After pouring over the information page for the GEN8, I can tell that the Redcat folks did their homework when they created this rig. They took some of the best and most-popular options from other 1/10-scale trail rigs and applied their own spin to the construction. Most-notably, portal axles are in play for the GEN8 Internation Scout, providing improved ground clearance and an aggressive approach angle. Combining this design feature with Interco Super Swamper tires, you should have the recipe for an almost limitless trail and crawling machine.

The motor placement, transmission, and transfer case have also been reconfigured, with these components now being placed toward the front of the chassis. The battery tray sits in the center of the chassis, nestled within a low center-of-gravity tray. Without seeing any hard numbers for weight distribution, the GEN8 appears to be well thought-out and geared toward performance.

Redcat Racing GEN8 International Scout II - Portal Axles

Redcat Racing finished off the chassis of the GEN8 International Scout with a full inner fender set, helping to keep dirt and debris out of the internal components and also adding a subtle scale touch to this rig. While the chassis is a beautiful creation in itself, the real icing on this cake, at least to me, is the International Scout II body.

The body mounting system features a post-less design with hook and loop (Velcro) straps keeping a clean exterior appearance. The lower portion of the body utilizes additional molded braces which should help keep the body rigid. One complaint of mine, albeit a minor one, was how thin the Everest GEN7 body material is, especially toward the bottom of the body.

Redcat Racing GEN8 International Scout II - Hero 2

The 1:1 International Scout II body appears to be replicated quite well and features a detailed grille, complete with LED-ready headlights and taillights. The front and rear bumpers are modified versions of those found on the GEN7 and feature tow shackles and a rear trailer hitch (with cap).

After much chatter and attempts to read tea leaves, Redcat Racing has announced that the price of the GEN8 will be $299.99. If the body design and chassis didn't have you hooked, the price might just do the trick.

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Image credit: Redcat Racing

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