RC Newb is a Proud Sponsor of ROVE

RC Newb is a Proud Sponsor of ROVE

I’ve been fortunate to have met and gotten to know a number of amazing individuals and groups during my time in the R/C hobby. All of these people love what they do, love the hobby, and love the community that has been created from these amazing machines.  As I’ve said before, the greatest thing about radio-controlled cars isn’t the cars themselves, but the people that build, customize, and drive them.  Ever since Jacob Dohrmann contacted me earlier this year with information about his ROVE program that he runs at Reese Elementary School in Reese, MI, I have been both intrigued and inspired by his goal.

I’m proud to announce that RC Newb has become a sponsor of the ROVE program and their racing season for 2015/2016.  Introducing people of any age to the R/C hobby has been a passion of mine since I became involved a few years ago, and what Jacob is doing though his ROVE program, using radio-controlled, in a variety of scenarios, as teaching tools, is nothing short of amazing.  I’m looking forward to seeing where his program and racing series is headed over the next year and am thrilled to be along for the ride.

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