MST Unveils Their CFX-W JP1 R/C Crawler Kit

MST Unveils Their CFX-W JP1 R/C Crawler Kit

Do you want a hobby that offers more options than you know what to do with? If that’s the case, the R/C hobby is perfect for you. Not only does it offer plenty of vehicle and model types to enjoy, but some of those niches are busting at the seams with options in and of themselves.

Case in point, the scaler and crawler scene, which has been booming for the past two years, has seen another model option arrive in the form of MaxSpeed Technology’s CFX-W JP1 Kit. An offshoot of their CFX-W lineup, the JPI sports a Jeep Wrangler-like pickup truck body, body accessories, and a number of chassis elements that are sure to grab the attention of performance-minded drivers.


While the polycarbonate body on the JP1 is certainly a pleasure to look at, the real eye candy might lie below the surface of this rig. Jumping on board the “portal axle bandwagon”, MST has applied these higher-clearance axles to their latest model.

In addition to these higher-tech axles, the JP1 kit features aluminum-bodied shocks, a planetary gearbox with dual slipper clutch, 1.9″ wheels and “scale” tires, an aluminum 4-link suspension, full ball bearings, and a  crazy-impressive steering angle. All of these items add up to create one solid option for fans of radio-controlled crawler kits.

MST CFX-W JP1 Crawler Kit - Clear Body

MST CFX-W JP1 Kit Specs:


  • Length: 483mm
  • Width: 230mm
  • Height: 236mm
  • Wheelbase: 313mm

The retail price has yet to be announced for this model, however, it’s expected to be released in December 2018. For the latest news on this R/C kit, keep an eye on the MST Facebook page and

Image credit: MaxSpeed Technology