Make a Splash with the Pro Boat Jet Jam Pool Racer

Make a Splash with the Pro Boat Jet Jam Pool Racer

One area of the hobby that I have yet to explore is the world of radio-controlled boats, however, this new model from Pro Boat might be the entry point that I’ve been waiting for. The new Jet Jam is a 12″ long, ready-to-run (RTR) watercraft with a sleek design and a nice usability feature. It’s self-righting.

One of the biggest obstacles between myself and the open water has been the fear of capsizing and losing an R/C boat. Thankfully, this model alleviates that fear, and it does it with style.

Pro Boat Jet Jam - Side

The hull design of the Pro Boat Jet Racer is both sleek and stylish. Available in two colors (orange and white), it should be easy to spot in a lake, pool, or another body of water, so long as it’s 3″ deep.

Another unique aspect is the jet pump propulsion system that it uses. There’s no need to worry about getting cut by a propeller or replacing props after they come in contact with rocks or other debris.

Pro Boat Jet Jam - Waves

Pro Boat Jet Racer Specs:

  • Length: 12 in (304.8mm)
  • Beam: 4.5 in (114.3mm)
  • Motor Size: 390 Brushed
  • Weight: 1 lb (0.5kg)
  • Radio: Pro Boat 2.4GHz
  • Speed Control: 2 in 1 Brushed ESC/RX
  • Hull Material: Injection Molded ABS
  • Trim Scheme Colors: Orange or White with 3 Decal Options
  • Hull Type: Deep V
  • Battery: 1700mAh 7.4 LiIon
  • Kit/RTR: RTR
  • Scale: 12 Inch

Pro Boat Jet Jam - Stand

Priced at $89.99, the Pro Boat Jet Jam will be available online (through Horizon Hobby) or at your local Pro Boat dealer in January 2018. Visit to learn more about this radio-controlled watercraft.

Image credit: Pro Boat Models