Learn to Fly From the Comfort of Your Own Home with RealFlight 8

Learn to Fly From the Comfort of Your Own Home with RealFlight 8

I’ll be the first to admit that jumping behind the sticks of an R/C aircraft can be more than a little intimidating. Unfamiliar controls, an unfamiliar aircraft, and an overall unknowing of what to expect are just a few of the pre-flight jitters you may experience before taking off. Luckily, there is a solid training tool to boost your confidence and skill.

RealFlight is the name in radio-controlled aircraft simulators and they’ve released an updated version of their popular software. Following last year’s release of RealFlight X, RealFlight 8 takes center stage, bringing back functions and in-app features from a much-earlier release, RealFlight 7.5.

In addition to the returning features, a new VR component has been added, giving you the opportunity to experience flight from a real-time FPV experience. With over 140 aircraft and 40 flight locations to choose from, there’s a seemingly endless array of combos with which to test your piloting skills.

The RealFlight software can be controlled through a game console controller, most modern twin-stick R/C controllers, as well as the RealFlight Interlink-X. The Interlink-X controller provides a familiar feel while adding sim-specific buttons for easier gameplay. With it, pilots are able to reset or rewind from a crash or close call, fine-tune your quadcopter camera, and much more.

RealFlight 8 is priced at $99.99 and the “Interlink Edition” is priced at $179.99. Whether you’ve never flown a radio-controlled aircraft before, or are looking to log more time, this is a great tool to help you hone your skills.

Learn more about RealFlight 8 at realflight.com.

Image credit: Hobbico