IGT8 B8 Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

IGT8 B8 Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

IGT8 has announced their latest nitro buggy kit, the B8 2021. This 1/8-scale, competition-focused buggy features a number of new components over previous models and also offers a selection of option parts to choose from.

Notable features for this model are the aluminum shock towers with new shock mounting options, the rear wing brace, which positions the wing higher and more forward than on previous models. The B8 2021 also features an easy-access center differential case and alumuinum rear hub.

IGT8 B8 Nitro Competition Buggy - Chassis Top

There are an array of optional parts for the B8 2021 ranging from aluminum chassis components and titanium hardware. IGT8 also offers a selection of springs (optional) to help you fine-tune the handling performance of your buggy. This kit also includes a carrier bag for easy transportation to and from the track.

IGT8 B8 2021 Nitro Buggy Specs:

  • Length: 515mm
  • Width:
    • Front: 307mm
    • Rear: 303mm
  • Height: 188mm
  • Weight: 3350g (may differ based on engine brand)
  • Wheelbase: 325mm~330mm
  • Internal Gear: 13T bevel gear/43T differential gear

If you want to try your hand at 1/8-scale nitro buggy racing and want to find out more about the IGT8 B8 2021, you can learn more at igt8.com.

Image credit: IGT8