Helion Select 4 Ten TR Monster Truck

Helion Select 4 Ten TR Monster Truck

Although they make proven, budget-friendly radio-controlled bashers, Helion has recently started a premier line of R/C vehicles that feature some upgraded, higher-end components right out of the box. Their latest ready-to-run (RTR) model is the Helion Select Four 10TR monster truck. After reading through the specs, this is an impressive truck for those that are looking to have a good time.

Starting with the exterior, the Select Four 10TR is an aggressive-looking machine. With an open-wheel design and large rear wing, it looks like a monster truck on steroids, ready to bound over any jump that you launch it over. At the heart of this beast is a 3500KV Radient Reaktor4T brushless motor and 60T electronic speed control (ESC). With a 3S LiPo battery, Helion is claiming top speeds of more than 55 mph. Not too shabby for a vehicle built for fun.

The chassis looks to be sturdy and utilizes the same knowledge and engineering that has gone into Helion’s other models. With this being a premier line, you’ll get some component upgrades such as metal gear differentials and bulkheads, wheel hexes, shock towers, and steering hubs all made of aluminum. All added strength and durability where you need it the most.

The chassis durability and performance-minded design are all controlled by a 2.4GHz IKONNIK Xenon ET4 radio system. The 4-channel transmitter includes a beginner mode, great for hobbyists of any age, which allows you to get to know this machine before you go all-in. The transmitter also includes 10-model memory, a drop-down wheel and can be used in the left or right hand.

No price has been listed (yet) for the Helion Select Four 10TR, but you can read more about this model and view the full spec list and features at helion-rc.com.

Image credit: Helion