Guess Redcat’s Next Release & You Could Win!

Guess Redcat’s Next Release & You Could Win!

2023 is off to…a start. The folks at Redcat Racing want to make it a great start with their “Guess What’s Next from Redcat” giveaway. Between now (January 4, 2023) and January 9, 2023 you can place a guess as to what the next release from Redcat might be.

On January 9, their new model will be revealed, and if you guess right, you could win one from Redcat.

Most of Redcat’s recent releases have been lowrider, so will we see another slow-roller revealed on 1/9/23, or are we in for something else? A new monster truck, a crawler, or what about a dragster? Only time will tell.

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Image credit: Redcat