Guard Your Servo with a Servo Shield from Reef’s RC

Guard Your Servo with a Servo Shield from Reef’s RC

Reef’s RC has introduced a new product to their lineup that has one goal in mind; protecting your steering servo. While we’ve all heard about servo savers, which protect the inner workings of your R/C vehicle’s steering mechanism, but what about the exterior?

The new REEFS Servo Shield is an exo-cage (of sorts) for your radio-controlled rock crawler or rock racer’s steering servo. CNC milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, this one-piece guard will protect your steering servo from trail debris and keep it looking and working as intended.

Reefs RC Servo Shield - 2

Two exterior finish options are available (raw aluminum and gray), allowing you to choose a look that best matches your rig. If you’re worried about how it will fit, Reef’s RC States that their shield is compatible with the following servo models: REEFS 422HD, Triple4, Triple5, Savox1230, HiTec 7950TH.

Priced at $38.99, the REEFS Servo Shield will be available soon at

Image credit: REEF’S RC