First Drive: GP Toys Foxx S911 [Video]

By: Tim Gluth

The Foxx S911 (courtesy of has been sitting on my was sitting on my shelf, begging to go out for a run. I’m not one to crush off we went. I'm starting out slow with how I run this machine, not wanting to make too-extreme of a run, right off the bat. That said, I want to see what the GP Toys Foxx S911 is capable of handling. So far, it has survived a few nice flips, tumbles, and jumps without any damage. The only part that broken or fallen off? A body clip. That was it. To be honest, my camera case received more damage during one of the flips than the car itself.

After running two battery packs through the Foxx S911, I am getting a clearer picture of where this vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses are.

The Good.

  • Very quick, responsive, and ample power. This is a great vehicle if you need to get out and blow off some steam after a grueling day of work.
  • Sturdy construction has allowed this truck to withstand more than a handful of tumbles and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down or other signs of damage.

Needs Improvement.

  • The steering servo doesn’t turn as crisp as I’d like it to and it isn’t as precise as I’ve seen with a number of other R/C cars. This isn’t a show-stopper but you will need to plan out your turns a bit if you’re running a complex course or pathway.
  • Adding to the sluggish steering response from the servo, the shocks make the vehicle feel heavier than it really is when making turns cornering.

I’ve got more time behind the wheel planned with the Foxx S911 and I will keep pushing on it to see how much more it can handle.

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