Find Your Next Spot to Bash with ‘RC Bash Finder’

Find Your Next Spot to Bash with ‘RC Bash Finder’

If you want to expand your list of locations to bash or race your R/C machines, there’s a new app that’ll help you do just that. RC Bash Finder (iOS App Store Link) is a new app by developer Eric Foard that uses your location to find parks, tracks, and other locations that have been flagged as great bashing and R/C fun-having locations.

The tool is powered by the people and relies on hobbyists to add their favorite locations. After all, sharing is caring, right? Whether you prefer to run at a park, a BMX track, or an established radio-control race track, this app can support any and all location types.

RC Bash Finder Screenshots

The app is currently available on the iOS App Store and will be released for Android soon. Learn more about the app at

Image credit: RC Bash Finder