Beat the Fall Blues with these 4 R/C iPhone & iPad Apps

Beat the Fall Blues with these 4 R/C iPhone & iPad Apps

If you’re out of project ideas to work on as the weather cools down (or get’s nasty and wet) and you’d rather not stand outside in less-than-perfect weather, give these on-road/surface-inspired apps and games a shot on your iPhone or iPad.

Re-Volt Classic (iOS – iPhone/iPad – Free)

I had my first taste of this game in college when it was PC-based. Now you can take the fun of radio-controlled vehicles with you wherever you go with this fun, arcade-style racer. It’s not a simulator by any stretch of the imagination, so don’t get too disappointed when you can blow your competitors up with bottle rockets and other assorted weapons.

Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer (iOS – iPhone/iPad – Free)


While I have played the classic version of Re-Volt, sadly, I don’t have any experience with the sequel. Having said that, if the gameplay is anything like the original, with the added aspect of multiplayer competition, this should be a hard one to put down.

Nitro RC (iOS – iPhone/iPad – Free)


I have downloaded this game a few times but it has never stuck for me as a go-to game. That aside, it’s a fun app to fire up when you’re looking to unleash a little crazy R/C action when you’re in a waiting room or in line at the grocery store.

RC Mini Racing (iOS – iPhone/iPad – Free)


The gameplay on this is a little different and the controls take a little time to acclimated to, but once you do, you may have a hard time setting your iPhone or iPad down. This game has claimed more of my free time over the past few years as any other R/C game, and that says quite a bit.