Carisma’s Planning an Excellent (Scale) Adventure

Carisma’s Planning an Excellent (Scale) Adventure

Are you ready for another entry in the world of “R/C Scaling” & trail rigs?

The scale R/C arena has had plenty of rumors and speculation revolving around it for the past year (or more) and it looks like business is about to pick up yet again.

Carisma, a brand that I’ve enjoyed learning about and experiencing first-hand, appears to be headed outdoors with their next vehicle lineup. They’ve posted a teaser video on their Facebook page, highlighting their latest lineup brand, Carisma Scale Adventure.

While they’ve already shown their prowess in replicating 1:1 scale details on on-road vehicles, the idea of the same level of design applied to an off-road scale (trail?) vehicle has me incredibly excited.

Outside of the teaser video, you can head to and sign up for email notifications as additional news is released.

Image credit: Carisma