Carisma’s 4XS 1/10 Racing Buggy Receives Updates for 2017

Carisma’s 4XS 1/10 Racing Buggy Receives Updates for 2017

While my personal experience with Carisma’s brand of radio-controlled cars and off-road machines has revolved around their small-scale, GT24 lineup, they also offer an array of impressive ready-to-run (RTR) packages and kits. One model in particular, their performance-focused 4XS buggy, has undergone some changes for 2017.

After being introduced in 2015, this 1/10-scale R/C buggy kit has become a popular option for indoor and outdoor racers. Not only was it the first vehicle to roll out under the Carisma Racing banner, but it was also their first racing kit, a major departure from Carisma’s steady flow of RTR vehicles. Michael Vollmer, an established R/C vehicle designer, handled the engineering on the original 4XS and once again provided expertise on the 2017 updates.

While the Carisma 4XS product page has yet to be updated, the company has shared update details through their Facebook page.

Starting with the internals, the differential gears have been redesigned and reconstructed using a more durable, lighter weight material. Another update also centers around the diff input gear, which should require less maintenance, shifting “downtime” to focus on improving your vehicle’s setup from track-to-track.

The current 4XS model is priced at $379.99 and there hasn’t been any indication whether or not these updates will impact that amount. For more information on the 2017 Carisma 4XS R/C buggy kit, visit Carisma’s Facebook page.

Image credit: Carisma