Be on the Lookout for a New Losi Release on 2/16

Be on the Lookout for a New Losi Release on 2/16

Update: See Losi’s latest release.

As the headline says, Losi has something new to share with the R/C world on February 16, 2023. In a teaser post on their social media channels, they show off a blurry image of something new. Technically, it’s the backside of something new, but what type of vehicle it will be, remains a mystery.

Losi’s latest releases have switched between off-road racers and on-road dragsters. Even with the out-of-focus photo, this does not look like an on-road machine. It appears to have independent rear suspension, close-set taillights, and a low-profile roofline.

If I didn’t know better (and I don’t), I’d say we’re looking at some sort of scaled-down ATV/UTV model. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to reading about it when all of the details are released.

To find out what Losi’s latest release will be, check out,, and of course, for all of the info.

Image credit: Losi