Associated Electronics Launches Adventure R/C Brand, “Element RC”

Associated Electronics Launches Adventure R/C Brand, “Element RC”

Well, this was unexpected. The teaser image that Team Associated had posted a few days ago was centered around a new scale R/C model, but there’s more to the story. Much more. Not only will a new model be emerging soon, but an entirely new brand has been launched by Associated Electronics, dedicated to the world of scale radio-control vehicles and outdoor adventure.

Element RC is where AE’s adventure focused models will be launched, beginning with a new 1/10-scale model that has yet to be officially announced. Keeping with the teaser theme, Element RC’s social media profiles have been posting parts and pieces from their upcoming release, whetting the appetites of scale R/C fanatics around the world.

If you’re attending the 2019 Pro-Line by the Fire event, keep an eye out for the Element RC team. In their introduction video, they’ve announced that they’ll be in attendance and chances are good that they’ll officially announce their first trail truck at some point during the weekend.

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Image credit: Associated Electronics