Is Team Associated Teasing a New Trail Truck?

Is Team Associated Teasing a New Trail Truck?

Dust off your crystal ball and get ready to read the tea leaves…

Nothing beats a cryptic, teaser-infused social media post to get your mind racing. Team Associated posted a shadowy image of what appears to be a new trail truck model on their Instagram page and, as expected, it’s causing a bit of a stir.

Captioned by “Your journey begins here.”, the picture reveals few solid details but does offer some hints as to what we might expect. First, this model features a number of details, including LED headlights, side-view mirrors, and clear windows. The side window design is different than what we’ve seen from their existing CR12 lineup, so this does appear to be a new model (or at the very least, body style).

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Your journey begins here. #WeAreAE

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One of the bigger questions remains “what scale will it be”? While Team Associated has been padding their 1/12-scale lineup with a number of CR12-badged models, a 1/10-scale offering would be a welcome addition to the already robust scale R/C landscape.

No matter what they release, I’m looking forward to reading about it and exploring the details. To see this post for yourself, check out Team Associated’s Instagram page.

Image credit: Team Associated