ARRMA’s Outcast Will Get a New Coat of Paint This Summer

ARRMA’s Outcast Will Get a New Coat of Paint This Summer

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Orange. Orange, who? Orange Outcast from ARRMA, that’s who!

All kidding (and bad jokes) aside, the folks at ARRMA and Hobbico turned to the R/C community to help them select the newest color for their durable, stunt-ready, Outcast 6S BLX radio-controlled truck. With three color options available to choose from, votes poured in and, at the end of the day, orange is the color that beat out the competition.

The old-school pickup truck body that sits atop this back yard basher looked great in its original  gray color, however this new orange option gives it a healthy shot of color and makes it easy to track as it flies through the air.

The internal specs on this beast haven’t changed and it’s still the same power-hungry, 6S LiPo eating, wheel-spinning, dirt kicking monster that it was when it burst onto the scene.

Pricing for the new orange-bodied Outcast 6S BLX remains the same at $499.99. The new color option will be available at the end of June (2017) and can be purchased online and at your local ARRMA dealer.

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Image credit: ARRMA