An awesome “Un-enveloping” from CodesEmpire [Video]

An awesome “Un-enveloping” from CodesEmpire [Video]

I’ve mentioned CodesEmpire in past podcast episodes and within a few blog posts.  Jason and his family really get into the hobby and embrace it as a family affair.  I’ve had some great conversations with him about the hobby, modding the Redcat Racing RS10, and his ever-expanding list of projects.  To show my appreciation for his time and for what he does to champion the hobby, I sent he and his kids a few RCNewb decals.

What I wasn’t expecting was the ultra-cool, “un-enveloping” video that he and his “team” put together.

Thanks to the entire CodesEmpire crew for the awesome shout-out! If you want to see how amazing the hobby can be, do yourself a favor and check out the CodesEmpire YouTube channel.

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