Turning a budget crawler into a quasi-scaler [Video]

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time watching R/C-related videos on YouTube (again). They make for the perfect distraction while I’m working or working out and have spurred some future project ideas for me. One of the projects that I’m going to launch into shortly is converting my Redcat Racing RS10 (affiliate) into a quasi-scaler for my oldest son.

With my SCX10 (affiliate link) fresh on my mind, I’ve let the RS10 sit on the side while I dream up ideas and upgrades for my Axial rig. Since my kids had such a great time with the RS10 last Summer, I’ve decided to gift that vehicle to my oldest son so he and I can have some crawling adventures around the house and at the campground that our family frequents during the warmer months. Seeking inspiration, I’ve turned to many forum posts and videos to see how I can best achieve a scale look for this machine.

After having some great discussions with CodesEmpire on Google+ over the past few weeks, I found his RS10 upgrade video series. His goal was the same as mine, build a scale rig for a child, and some of the ideas he has I may employ when tackling this project. If you own one of these Redcat Racing crawlers and want to give it a bit of a spin, check out this five-part walk-through for inspiration.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

And the finished project

Great job, Jason! Thanks for sharing this project and sparking a wave of creativity for my own upgrade.