XRay XB2D-19 2WD Electric Competition Buggy Kit

XRay XB2D-19 2WD Electric Competition Buggy Kit

Are you making plans to hit the track in 2019? If stepping into the competition side of the R/C hobby is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, XRay has released details on their latest 2wd, electric competition buggy, the XB2D-19.

This kit features a variety of chassis updates and enhancements over the 2018 model, including a shorter chassis length, a ball differential, and redesigned suspension components, just to name a few.

XRay XB2D-19 Competition RC Buggy - Chassis

The rear driveshafts have been elongated to provide smoother operation and the upper deck and front steering block material has been hardened to provide enhanced steering and handling precision.

On the cosmetic side, the XB2D-19 features a new polycarbonate body shell and rear wing design for increased downforce and cornering grip. XRay also has also developed an optional lower-downforce body (Beta 2) for tracks that don’t need as much aerodynamic grip.

XRay XB2D-19 Competition RC Buggy - Body

Priced at $369.99, the XRay XB2D-19 is available online and through your local XRay dealer. Visit teamxray.com to learn more about this competition buggy kit.

Image credit: XRay