Vaterra Teases an Upcoming Release for 11/09/17

Vaterra Teases an Upcoming Release for 11/09/17

Yesterday it was Axial tossing out a social media tease for an upcoming SCX10II model. Today, Vaterra has taken to Instagram with a few cryptic posts of their own.

From the looks of the two images, we might be seeing another scale trail machine hit the market very soon. With the recent boom of scale 1/10-scale rigs in the marketplace, perhaps a refreshed Vaterra Ascender model is being readied for release?

#sneakpeak #vaterra #horizonhobby #sunset #ledlights

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#bindndrive #vaterra #horizonhobby #vtr03093

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Here are the highlights, as I see them:

  • The release will most likely be an off-road crawler/scaler. Whether or not it’s 1/10-scale remains to be seen.
  • This vehicle will have LED lights, which is always a nice touch and meshes well with Vaterra’s attention to scale detail.
  •  Design-wise, this new truck appears to be styled similarly to Vaterra’s 1972 Chevy K10 pickup, which features a utility-style bed and roll cage.
  • “BND” and #bindndrive figure prominently into the second image and post, which lead me to believe that this model may not include a radio transmitter, but will come bundled with a receiver.

Whatever the actual announcement holds is still a mystery, however, I’m excited to see what it is, solely based on these few bits of information. To find out more and see what the official announcement holds, stay tuned to Vaterra’s Instagram account,, and

Image credit: Vaterra RC

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