Upgrades and Hop-Ups for the Traxxas X-Maxx

By: Tim Gluth

When it comes to larger-scale radio-controlled monster trucks, there aren’t many that hold a candle to the burly Traxxas X-Maxx. A basher to its core, the X-Maxx has a loyal following among thrill-seeking hobbyists and has become a favorite among R/C fanatics.

Even though it’s a capable machine out of the box, it has a solid selection of upgrade options for switching up its style and speed, as well as bolstering durability.

Bodies & Body Cages

Traxxas has a knack for designing eye-catching bodies that suit the attitude of their vehicles. If your stock body has seen better days, or if you simply want to create your own custom lid, there are a few options which can help you out.

Tires & Wheels

When it comes to wear and tear, tires are one of the first components of a radio-controlled vehicle to show signs of use. If you’ve worn your tires down to the rims, here are some “new shoes” to get you rolling once again.

Chassis & Suspension

Out of the box, the Traxxas X-Maxx is designed to withstand a fair amount of abuse. That said, parts do break, and depending on how hard you’re running your R/C machine, they may need a little extra armor for survival. Thankfully, there are a variety of chassis and suspension upgrades which will help strengthen your truck and also improve performance.

Motors & ESCs

Although the X-Maxx is well-equipped when it comes to power, there are always ways to squeeze a little more speed out of this mammoth monster truck. If you have one of the earlier, pre-8s capable models, some of these motor and electronic speed control (ESC) upgrades may be a much-welcomed sight.

Body Accessories and LEDs

The X-Maxx isn't a scale rig by nature, but you can add a number of accessories to it for greater scale and utility appeal.

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