Updated Traxxas Slash 4×4 Platinum with LCG chassis announced.

I was checking the Traxxas forums this morning and was excited to see a thread about an updated Platinum 4×4 model that was recently announced.  Aside from standard upgrades and performance hop-ups, the biggest changes are new shocks and the use of a new low center of gravity chassis, similar to what’s on the new Rally 4×4.
There’s been much speculation whether the Rally chassis could be fit onto a Slash and the official answer looks to be a resounding “YES”.
The price tag for the new Platinum (#6804r) is rather steep at $775 but If you want an amazing setup out of the box, this might be the machine for you.
As with other Traxxas offerings, you should be able to purchase the stand-alone chassis and other modified components if you want to upgrade your existing Slash 4×4.  At this point, I haven’t seen any details for that type of upgrade.
If and when this chassis becomes available, I might consider moving to it, as the center of gravity on the Slash, up until this point, is higher than what it could (and should) be and has been the area that I’ve been attacking and modifying the most on my machine.  There’s only so much you can do in lowering a vehicle to the point where it’s no longer useful as an all-terrain vehicle.
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