Two New 3D Printed Motor Enclosures from Exclusive RC

Two New 3D Printed Motor Enclosures from Exclusive RC

Exclusive RC has introduced two new 1/10 scale motor enclosures for amping up the internal details of your radio-controlled trail rig. If you’ve seen these amazing interior scale accessories before, you know that they are a great way to add visual appeal to an area of your trail rig that may be neglected.

Two new options have been added to the Exclusive RC lineup, a Jeep “straight 6” and Cummins 6. Both of these enclosures are designed to fit over 540-size can motors and feature realistic engine components such as spark plug wires, fans, and more.

Exclusive RC Scale Motor Enclosure Additions

Exclusive RC Scale Motor Features

  • Designed at 1/10-scale
  • Includes realistic details
  • Assembled from multiple parts and pieces, providing for an ultra-”scale” appearance
  • Depicts the proper firing order as the 1:1 engine it’s modeled after
  • The enclosure/case will fit over a 540-size can motor

Both of these new motor enclosures are priced at $95 and can be purchased directly from Exclusive RC’s website. These are a unique way to add visual detail and appeal to the internal components of your radio-controlled trail rig.

Learn more about these new 3D printed accessories, as well as the other line of Exclusive RC products, at

Image credit: Exclusive RC

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